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Information technology from past to present steadily gain the amount of data in the corpporate and personal computer system and all of these data need a properly back up plan. An image back up in another hard drive and cloud back up system are the most popular. Although backing up data on hard disk still faced with many problems such as virus or hacker attacks, human error, power outages, and loss of computer system or natural disasters. But due to the space limitation of cloud system, most data back up still using physical hard drive.

1. International Standard
Meeting the international standard is our business goal. In 2012, the company has started to develop its services standard. One year later we were awarded ISO 9001: 2015 services certification by the MASCI institution and keep on the standard of services assessment every year. 

2. Certified Class-100 Clean Room
During the recovery process, engineers have to open the storage device to inspect for physical damage or malfunction components. This leads to a bad chance for the tiny particles to accumulate on the top of platters. When the hard drive is turned on, dust particles that are stuck between the platter and the heads will damage the platter surface and the heads.

Our engineers operate all of physical data recovery process in Certified Class-100 Clean Room, a very clean environment that has less than 100 particles (0.5 microns or larger) per cubic foot of air. >> IDR Clean Room

3. Different Approach in Data Recovery
Apart from a Class 100 Clean Room Lab, which is extremely important for the data recovery process, IDR also has specialized data recovery tools required for data recovery services to fix specific parts of the hard disks. Therefore, our data recovery process guarantees safety, precision, and preserves the best condition of the magnetic disk essential for data retrieval.

4. Spare Parts Inventory
You may not know that hard disks with the same model from the same production line might have different versions of assembly parts. Replacement with different parts may cause another problem to hard disk operation, impeding the process of data recovery. We have to stock more than 15,000 items of interchangeable parts and components to assure that our service covers as many types and models of hard disks as possible including the old model of under 100 GB drive. 

5. Hard Disk Technology Expert
Our engineers and technicians have the knowledge and skills required to disassemble and reconstruct the latest makes and models of hard disks including Solid State Disk. They drill down in details and complexity of all electronic circuits and firmware. They have been trained to analyze data with their concentration, attention to detail and utmost care.  

6. Professional Data Recovery Software Tools
Unskilled staff may destroy good data from an attempt to recover data with software tools. To reconstruct data from an image sector data, technicians have to evaluate the condition of the data structure to see if any logical damage needs to be repaired. Technicians who are not capable of analyzing more specific details using data recovery tools will resort to an ordinary read and reconstruction procedures. The results are sector read operation not complete, data unorganised and unusable, cannot reconstruct and recover data file. So, data recovery technicians have to be keen on using any tools that are suitable for an individual case. 

7. Data Security
The status of every steps through our Data Recovery Service, upon receipt of the signed Authorization Form, is transparent. Engineers perform repairs and recover data by job assignment of pre-defined and strict procedures. Parts replacement and the movement of storage media to each operation process are easily tracked and monitored. There are CCTVs to monitor staff operation in access controled area.

8. Privacy and Confidentiality
Customer information privacy and confidentiality is our top priority. Customer will get a signed copy of non-disclosure agreement for their data and information. Our staff, engineers and technicians have to sign an agreement of customer privacy and confidentiality, which is the most important, with very strict practice guidelines.

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